Location   Frequency Dup Call Sign Operating codes
Absecon   147.21000 + N2HQX o (t=3Z=123.0) RB (ca) eO
Absecon   224.14000 - N2LXK c (ca)
Absecon   442.92000 + N2LXJ c (t=2Z=110.9) (ca)
Atlantic City   444.35000 + AA2BP o (t=1B=107.2) (ca)
Atlantic City   447.57500 - K2ACY o (t=5A=156.7) e
Brigantine   146.71500 - KA2OOR o (t=ZZ=91.5) WX e
Brigantine   449.42500 - KA2OOR o (t=3B=131.8) RB (ca)
Buena   146.80500 - KE2CK o (t=2B=118.8)
Egg Harbor Twp.   146.74500 - K2BR o (t=4B=146.2) WX (ca) e R
Egg Harbor Twp.   448.77500 - K2BR o (t=2B=118.8) (ca) e R
Galloway Twp.   147.16500 + KD2AFX o (t=ZZ=91.5) WX e
W. Atlantic City   146.98500 - W2HRW o (t=4B=146.2) (ca) e
W. Atlantic City   443.25000 + W2HRW o (t=4B-146.2) e
Barnegat   224.28000 - N2NF o WX e R A O
Barnegat   449.47500 - KA2PFL o (t=3B=131.8) L WX (ca) e R A LiTZ
Barnegat   927.83450 - N2AYM o (t=5B=162.2) e
Beach Haven   448.51500 - WA2NEW o (t=4A=141.3) WX e R
Dover Twp.   224.72000 - N4TCT o (t=YZ=82.5) e LiTZ
Eagleswood Twp.   442.75000 + KA2PFL o (t=3B=131.8) L WX (ca) e A
Forked River   224.70000 - KE2HC o (t=4B=146.2)
Jackson   224.30000 - N2RDM o (t=3A=127.3) R O
Lakehurst   145.17000 - N2IFP o (t=3B=131.8) e R A
Lakehurst   443.35000 + W2DOR o (t=4A=141.3) e
Lakewood   1295.00000 - N2AYM o (t=3A=127.3) L e
Lakewood   146.95500 - W2RAP o (t=1A=103.5) e
Lakewood   223.82000 - N2AYM o (t=5B=162.2) L e
Lakewood   449.37500 - NE2E o (t=4A=141.3) L (ca) e LiTZ Bi
Lakewood   449.82500 - W2RAP o (t=1A=103.5) e R A
Manahawkin   146.83500 - N2OO o (t=3A=127.3) (ca) e R A O
Toms River   146.44500 + KC2GUM o (t=3B=131.8) WX a e A 147.445 input
Toms River   146.65500 - WA2JWR o (t=3A=127.3) RB WX
Toms River   146.91000 - W2DOR o (t=3A=127.3) e Bi
Toms River   223.92000 - NJ2AR o (t=5Z=151.4) Bi
Toms River   444.00000 + WA2OTP o (t=4A=141.3)
Tuckerton   146.70000 - N2NF o (t=7A=192.8) e R A O
Bordentown   449.02500 - K2JZO o (t=M1=203.5) e LiTZ Bi
Browns Mills   224.86000 - K2JZO o (t=3B=131.8) e Bi
Browns Mills   448.32500 - KC2QVT o (t=3A=127.3) WX (ca) e R A O
Browns Mills   449.67500 - K2JZO o (t=4A=141.3) WX Bi
Burlington   447.67500 - WA2EHL o (t=1A=103.5) e
Chatsworth   145.47000 - KC2QVT o (t=3A=127.3) L e R A O
Cinnaminson   445.62500 - K2CPD o (t=3A=127.3) e O
Medford Twp.   145.29000 - K2AA o (t=ZZ=91.5) (ca) e
Robbinsville   147.07500 + KX2D o (t=XA=71.9) L (ca) e R
Westampton   147.15000 + KC2QVT o (t=3A=127.3) L WX (ca) e R A O
Willingboro   146.92500 - WB2YGO o (t=3B=131.8) (ca) e
Willingboro   223.88000 - WB2YGO o (t=3B=131.8) (ca) e
Willingboro   442.05000 + WB2YGO o (t=2B=118.8) (ca) e
Blackwood   146.89500 - K2EOC o (t=7A=192.8) WX e R A O
Blue Anchor   445.12500 - KB2AYS o (t=ZZ=91.5) WX e R A
Camden   146.82000 - W3PHL o (t=3B=131.8) e A
Camden   442.15000 + N2KDV o (t=5A=156.7) e O MM
Camden   443.30000 + WB3EHB o (t=3B=131.8) e Bi
Camden   448.02500 - N2HQX o (t=3B=131.8) e A
Cherry Hill   145.37000 - NJ2CH o (t=ZZ=91.5) (ca) e O
Cherry Hill   444.90000 + K3RJC o (t=3B=131.8) L RB (ca) e
Cherry Hill   445.47500 - N3EHL o (t=3B=131.8) WX e LiTZ Bi
Gloucester City   447.77500 - NJ2GC o (t=4B=146.2) e R A O
Pine Hill   146.86500 - K2UK o (t=3B=131.8) L (ca) e
Pine Hill   442.35000 + K2UK o (t=3B=131.8) L (ca) e
Runnemede   147.22500 + WA2WUN o (t=7A=192.8) e O
Sicklerville   446.37500 - N3PUU o (t=3B=131.8) e
Washington Twp.   224.66000 - W2MMD o (t=3B=131.8) R A
Waterford Wrks.   145.21000 - W2FLY o (t=XA=71.9) e MM
Waterford Wrks.   147.34500   WA3BXW o (t=3A=127.3) WX e R O
Waterford Wrks.   224.62000 - W2MX o (t=DTMF) e R
Waterford Wrks.   442.30000 + KA2PFL o (t=3B=131.8) L RB WX (ca) e A
Waterford Wrks.   444.45000 + W2FLY c t RB e MM
Waterford Wrks.     52.60000 + KA2PFL o (t=3B131.8) L RB WX e A 52.84 input
Winslow   145.15000 - K2AX o (t=ZZ=91.5) e
CAPE MAY:          
Avalon   147.12000 + KC2KAX o (t=M1=203.5) WX e
Cape May Ct Hse   146.61000 - N2CMC o (t=YB=88.5)
Cape May Ct Hse   147.24000 + W2CMC o (t=4B=146.20 e R A O
Cape May   449.87500 - KC2JPP o (t=4B=146.20 e R A O
Ocean City   147.28500 + W23PS (t=5A=156.7) L RB WX (ca) e R O LiTZ
Ocean City   223.98000 - W3PS o (t=5A=156.7) L RB WX (ca) e R A O LiTZ
Ocean City   448.62500 - WA3UNG o (t=3B=131.8)
Wildwood   145.45000 - KA3LKM o (t=6Z=167.9) e R
Bridgeton   147.25500 + KC2TXB o (t=6B=179.9) WX (ca) e R A O
Bridgeton   224.82000 - KB3LRA o (t=3A=127.3) L e
Centerton   448.12500 - KE2CK o (t=7A=192.8) e O MM
Greenwich   443.70000 + N3KZ o (t=3B=131.8) L RB (ca) e
Rosenhayn     53.95000 - KE2CK o (t=ZA=94.8) e O
Vineland   145.49000 - WA2WUN o (t=6B=179.9) e O Bi
Vineland   448.52500 - N2EHS o (t=5A=156.7)
Deptford   927.63750 - KC2DUX o (t=3Z=123.0) L RB e R A O
Franklinville   146.47500 + W2RM o (t=5B=162.2) e O 147.475 input
Franklinville   443.45000 + W2RM o (t=5B=162.2) e
Mantua   449.97500 - W2FHO o (t=3B=131.8) WX (ca)
Monroe Twp.   145.39000 - K2DX o (t=ZZ=91.5) R A O
Pitman   147.18000 + W2MMD o (t=3B131.8) (ca) R A
Pitman   442.10000 + W2MMD o (t=3B=131.8)
Williamstown   445.27500 - AA2QD o (t=3B=131.8) e O B
    Operational Codes Describing Repeater Features:
  o   Open (usually carrier-operated)
  c   Closed Repeater  
  t   Access requires CTCSS tone (PL)
  (t=xx)   Access requires CTCSS tone indicated by xx
  L   Repeater is linked to other repeaters
  RB   Repeater is equipped with a Remote base
  WX   Emergency Weather Nets held on the Repeater
  a   Open Autopatch is available (*up, #down)
  (ca)   Closed Autopatch (requires access codes)
  e   Connected to emergency power source
  R   RACES affiliated  
  A   ARES affiliated  
  O   OEM affiliated  
  LiTZ   Long-Tone-Zero supported for Emergency assistance
  bi   Bi-Lingual (non-English conversations acceptable
  MM   Mixed-Mode  
  *   D-STAR  
SPARC  985
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